Friday, February 8, 2013

Hot Niches 2016

Finding Hot Niches in 2016

Trying to find a hot niche in 2016 can be difficult, but I have a little trick that I would like to share with you, it’s simple but very effective. 

Here are some great tips and advice on finding hot niches  

Hot Niches are anything that make people:

1) Healthy:-Weight loss, natural health remedies, performance enhancement

2) Wealthy: - Making money online, Forex, investment, share trading,

Retirement planning

3) Happy:-Relationship, self improvement, beauty products, pets, sports

4) Seasonal Products: - Valentine’s Day, Halloween, Christmas, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Birthdays

These are just some of the very popular evergreen niches, but break them down. For example sports…choose a specific sport….golf….clubs…shoes…hats… vacations….. see the possibilities are endless.

Profitable and hungry niches are right in front of you wherever you look.

Download your Money Making Magnet file to help you narrow down some of these hungry niches.

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I'm sure you will learn something new. 

Here is one of the tricks into finding Profitable Hot Niches that is in the Money Magnet Formula Report.

Go to Google search engine and copy and paste the following lines and see the results; "views: 1000..100000" "this article has been viewed 1000..100000"  

Dating "viewed 2000..199999" "Submitted On: * *, 2015"

These are three big article marketing sites and these little formula's will show you the most viewed articles in their directories, so you can see what people are viewing.  

You can change the viewed numbers to 5000...50000 or whatever you criteria. 

You can change the year, the possibilities are endless.

One of the main results in Ezine Articles came up the "Top 10 Best Pen and Paper RPG Games", so why not do a niche on "Top 5 Best Pen and Paper RPG Games"  

Another result "Get her back in 6 Easy Steps" the dating niche is huge, so why not try. 

"Get him back in 5 Easy Steps" and so on.  

If you have a specific niche, such as diet the type in or just copy and paste;  

Dating "viewed 2000..199999" "Submitted On: * *, 2012" "Word Count: 500..1000"

When you enter this code it will only bring up articles that have at least 500 to 1000 words. This is great for finding higher quality content

So how can we really use this code to help us?

Hot Trends - We can begin doing searches for keywords of broad categories and easily see what recent articles are getting a lot of views.

Micro Niche Research - If you are into building micro niche blog sites then this type of research is invaluable. Look at the article titles, are they ranking well for their keywords? Could you easily rank for these keywords in Google SERPs?

Content is King - Let's be honest, if you're not outsourcing your article writing then you have to be writing it yourself. We can't all be experts at everything so Ezine Articles can be great for inspiration and finding good content to write in your own words and add your own information too.

Very Profitable Niche 

Eulogy Examples

While I do not think it’s the best thing to profit off of peoples’ pain or grief,
however, if you look at it from a different perspective you can realize that you are in fact helping people.

This niche is very popular although you may have never heard of it or realized it.

A Eulogy is a speech that is given about a person (usually a loved one) who has passed away. Many people are not adept speech writers and many people are very insecure and nervous when it comes to writing and giving a speech of any kind – let alone a speech about a dead loved one…
That is why people are interested in purchasing Eulogy Examples, so that they can use them as a guide to write a Eulogy for their passed friend or relative.

People who have lost someone close to them are in a very highly emotional
state and might not be able to remember all of the important things that go into a Eulogy and that is another reason why having a set of examples can be very helpful when writing one.

There are a few products on that you can promote as an affiliate that convert extremely well in this niche.


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