Friday, September 7, 2012

Hot Niches

Finding Hot Niches

Here are some great tips and advice on finding hot niches

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Here is an example on how to Find Profitable Hot Niches trick that is in the Money Magnet Formula Report.

Go to Google search engine and copy and paste the following lines and see the results; "views: 1000..100000" "this article has been viewed 1000..100000"

Dating "viewed 2000..199999" "Submitted On: * *, 2015" "Word Count: 500..1000"
These are three big article marketing sites and these little formula's will show you the most viewed articles in their directories, so you can see what people are viewing.

You can change the viewed numbers to 5000...50000 or whatever you criteria.

You can change the year, the possibilities are endless.

One of the main results in Ezine Articles came up the "Top 10 Best Pen and Paper RPG Games", so why not do a niche on "Top 5 Best Pen and Paper RPG Games"

Another result "Get her back in 6 Easy Steps" the dating niche is huge, so why not try.

"Get him back in 5 Easy Steps" and so on.

If you have a specific niche, such as diet the type in or just copy and paste;

diet "This article has been viewed 1000..100000""Article Submitted On:* *, 2016" and then you have the results in the diet niche.

Amazon. Search any of their departments, i.e. books or baby or and you’ll see either a link for Bestsellers or Top Sellers as well as:

Hot New Releases

Most Gifted

Most Wished For

Movers & Shakers

But my number one tool for finding a profitable niche is Market Samurai, it has so many useful sections, it has keyword research, SEO competition, and the available domain names in your chosen niche and it also has a find content section- to help you write articles on your chosen niche.
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